SMOKE: How To Punish Priest Paedophiles

Originally published: 20 February 2003

Yet another priest has been arrested in this country on charges of child abuse and possession of child pornography - the chaplain of one of South Africa's premiere schools.

I haven't been able to find out the bastard's name yet, but I'm sure any St Andrews old boys will know exactly who he is, as he was resident there as priest and part-time teacher for 25 years.

The 56-year old is the second St Andrews staffer to be arrested for child abuse - when the cops raided his house they found photo albums, computer disks and video footage of St Andrews schoolboys and teachers in the nude, apparently taken during school camps.

This disgusting little pervert was sneaking around, taking photos of the naked boys and teachers showering, then going back to his room to relieve himself, before sullying forth to dispense the word of God.

What's with priests and little boys?

I knew filthy Pigs like this back in my school days at a Catholic school, and it is still my enduring life mission to exact revenge upon them.

Those self-righteous, bathed-in-the-glow-of-God, positively radiant men of the cloth, who when meeting your parents are silky smooth and filled with a spiritual bonhomie but who take great delight in pulling your pants down at school and getting a good look at your young botty before raining down a few blows on it, before heading off to the bogs to masturbate.

A boy in my Standard Three class (it was the eighties - don't come to me with your fancy Grade This-and-That) brought some "porn" to school - near-naked women with big jugs - you know how it is.

Two prefects were sent to our classroom - they asked the teacher to stop the class, went over to the boy's bag and in front of the class upended its contents all over the floor.

The offending mags were discovered, confiscated, and a group of five boys (including myself) who had looked at them in the changeroom at break were hauled out of class and down to the principal's office. (There was some little ass-sucking rat in that changeroom, may he rot in hell).

Brother Dillon (the filthy Irish clothman who ran the junior school) gave us a 20-minute lecture and a severe beating (he had a cupboard which opened in the wall, containing a selection of canes from which you could choose, including a length of hosepipe, varying thickness bamboo canes and a PVC pipe), and afterwards said he was calling our parents with a possible view to suspension.

I never heard anything from my parents, but about six months later I was "visiting" his office again and when he opened his drawer I saw the bottom of one of the mags, still in his drawer. Guess I know why he didn't call the folks.

That's just one tiny incidence - there were far worse stories from the boarding house, as there are in practically any religion-based private school with a boarding house.

These people are Pigs, and it's getting worse and worse and worse. Nearly every day there is yet another story in the press of some priest - usually from the Catholic church - caught abusing, raping, videoing, photographing and traumatising young boys, and some people have had the gall to suggest to me that these people are a small minority who turn to the church as a cover for something they can't control.

But when I see story after story after story involving priests, I have to question whether it is the minority, and hence my suggestion for a Salem-type witchhunt.

Religious folks don't seem to want to accept that this violent, life-destroying behaviour by their pastors and chaplains is rife, and a very real problem. The arguments make my stomach churn: "They are, after all, human, with human weaknesses", or "It's been blown out of proportion by a sensation-hungry media", or "It's a tiny minority of sick men who need help".

Is it? Do you know that for a fact? None of these priests would ever have been suspected by members of their congregations, many of whom I'm sure are shocked to discover their antics.

Just because your priest is a bumbling, kindly old chap, is this a guarantee that he is not ripping some small boy a new anus?

Shocking question, to be sure, but if anyone thinks I am going to be one of those who will sit back, make up excuses, and let this horseshit continue then you have another thought coming.

I'm fucking sick to death of reading these reports, because lives are being destroyed and these rapists and molesters are not paying. The reason they are not paying is because people who know about or suspect the activities of these Murderers are not speaking up, for fear of "tearing the family apart", or "creating a fuss".

They would rather sit around and pretend it's not happening - even convince themselves it is not happening - than save the lives of young children around them.

It's time for a witchhunt, my friends - it's time for torches in the night on a lonely hill, of dreaded knocks on the door at three in the morning in the middle of winter, of crowds baying for blood.

Root the filth out, torture them and throw them to the swines on a dusty high street. It's time to get medievil on their asses, and I personally would like to preside.

I want my Salem Seat, I want my Wig of Judgment, because I have lots and lots of judging to do, and I am going to make them pay.

Oh yes, they will pay.

Of course all that Salem shit just don't cut it in the Big City these days, so what punishment could legally and morally be meted out to any one of these supposed Men of God in these far-too-lenient times?

South Africa doesn't have a death penalty - and a good thing that is too - but what's the next best thing, guaranteed to cause maximum discomfort over as long as possible a period of time?

For starters - nothing short of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is acceptable. These bastards destroy many lives of those who didn't have a choice and the punishment should at least be equitable to the crime, which is life.

But prison itself isn't enough - sure they'll find a nice boyfriend, but that's what they want - it would be a lifetime of bliss for them.

No - they need their testicles taken off so they can never again stick their filthy privates where they don't belong, and someone needs to be paid on the inside to ensure that they get a good one-hour rogering every day until they die of hopefully old age - with a ragged, 20-inch piece of broken glass.

Then they can go to hell.

All Smoked Out,
Luke Tagg
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