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I Can't Believe I Fancied Her
I Can't Get No Sleep
I Need A Small, Wet Town
I Needed That Holiday
I Resent My Diet
I Should Be The Next Pope
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
The Ideal Home
The Ideal Library
If You Gotta Die, Do It Right
If Your Wife Won A Golden Globe
If You're Really Bored...
Ill-Gotten Gains
In Search Of The Perfect Lawn
The Ins And Outs Of Sex Education
Inside A Ping Pong Ball
Inside, Outside
Insurance Industry Scum
Inventions That Never Made It
Inveterate Hoarder
It's Graffiti, Not Art
It's In The Stars (Or Not)
It's Only Rod Stewart
I've Had It With Cables


Japanese Sex
Jobs I Couldn't Do
Jobs You Don't Want
Just Act!


Karaoke Cowboys
Keeping A Diary
Klerksdorp: South Africa's Gomorrah
The Ku Klux Klan And I


Laughing With Indians
Lekker Braai
Less Jazz, More Rock And Roll
Let's Dance
Let's Get Medieval
Let's Protest
Let's Talk Demons, Shall We?
Letterbox Spam
Life's A Violin
Living In Digs
Loathin' At The Waldorf
Losing 100 Bucks
The Lost World: Obs
Love Across The Colour Bar
Love Of The Dark


Mad Pigs
Madiba Hangs His Hat
Man Tries To Eat Bowl
Man vs Beast: Legendary Dogs
Man-Eating, Inc
Master Chef
Medical Emergencies
Meeting Yourself
Memorable Gifts
Memorable Teachers
Men, Cars, Directions
Men, Women And Pain
Messing Up The Act
Microsoft's Black Box
Money Should Buy You Happiness
Monkey Boy Discovers Power Chords
More Dentist Horrors
The Morning After
Mortality, South Africa
Motivational Quotes
Music For The Road
My 21st Birthday
My Garden; My Theatre Of Pain
My Island Fantasy


Naked For Charity
Naked Yoga: The Hard Truth
Nasty Ways To Die
Neighbourhood Rock Stars
Never Go To Springs
Never Trust Rhinos In Leafy Groves
Nkosi Sikki What?
No Boobies Please
No Cuisine For Me
No Gay Games For Jozi
No Pre-Nup For Britney
Nobody Likes A Spammer
Noise Rage
Not The Anarchist's Cookbook


Odd Classmates
Of Hair And Men
Okes And Their Noises
Okes Who Know How To Do Stuff
Old Friends
Old People Sex
Old Wives' Tales
Olympic Excellence
On The Eighth Day...
On The Road To Gridlock
On The Shelf
On The Subject Of School
One Step Ahead Of The Hangover
Overprotected Kids


Pamplona: A Load Of Bull
Papercut Pete
Pavlov's Dog
The Peace And Love Party
The Perfect Pie
Personal Weapons
Phlegm Girl
The Pitfalls Of Interviews
Playstation Thumb
Poker In The Suburbs
Pool Shark
Poor Little Rich Kids
Porno Karaoke
Pretending To Sleep
Prison Animals
The Problem With Marmalade
The Propaganda War
Protecting Your Kids
Public Toilets (And The Swines In Them)
Public Transport: Future Style
The Puppy That Cost Too Much
The Pursuit Of Comfort
Putting Your Foot In It


Questionable Quality


Rage On Our Roads
The Rage Within
Rat Catcher
Redneck Games
Reinventing The Pigs
Remote-Controlled Humans
Rent A Mob
Retro Web: The Way We Were
The Revenge System
Riding The Xylophone
The Right To Fight
Ritual Drunkenness
Road Rage Bloodbath
Robot Sex
Rollercoaster Tales
Ruled By Fear

#-H | I-R | S-Z

Spending time online does bad things to a person, but I'm OK.

Look at me now - all the way from Uitenhage to the bright lights of the big internet.

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