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95 Years Hard Labour


A Career In Male Stripping
A Close Shave
A Lack Of Class
A Lifetime Of Clothing
A Modern Rip Van Winkle
A New Era Of Spies
A New Space Race
A Pain In The Neck
A Petty Life
A Plague Of Flies
A Primal Scream
A South African Ninja
A Tale Of Two Highways
A Taste Of My Own Medicine
A Toast To Toast
A World Of Lies
A World Of Porn
The Adventures Of Chicken Man
All I Want For Xmas
The Allure Of Bridges
Altar Boy
Alternative Punishment
Amateur Detective
An Agony Of Acupuncture
An Insane Babble
Anarchy Rules! Rules? Doh!
And The Walls Came Down
Another Day, Another Hostage
Antisocial Communication
Anyone For A Desert Town?
Armageddon Is Nigh
The Art Of Torture
Artificial Memory
As Time Goes By
Attack Of The Child Monster
Auld Lang Syne


Babe Magnets
Bachelor Party
Bad In Shorts
The Baddest Sink
Bargain Mobs
Bastard Managers
Bath Or Shower?
Batteries Not Included
Bed City
Being A Bat
Being A Smoker
Being Healthy Is Easy
Being Me (It Ain't Easy)
Beware That Errant Message
Beware The Bugs
Beyond A Game
Black Gold Mercenaries
Bloke In A Dress
Blondes Are Fine; Brunettes Are Mine
Blow, Wind, Blow
Blow Your Head Off
Bob's Bar And Bistro
Bond Gadgetry Required
Bouncers: The Scourge Of Nightclubs
The Boy That Ran Away
Boy With No Pants
Breaking Point
Brothers And Sisters
The Brown River
Budget Boy


Can You Be Bribed?
Catholic Bullies
Caught Me Some Criminals Today
Celebrity Death Match
Cellphone Drivers
Cereal Killer
Chasing A Thief
Chatting To Robots
Chicks Dig Red Cars
Chicks Dig Rock Stars
Child Prodigies In Cold Halls
Childhood Crazes
Chocolate Jesus
Claremont CSI
Clean Teeth At A Price
Cockroach Horror
Cockroach Horror Revisited
Confiscated Porn
Corporate Speak
Could Humanity Handle No God?
Cranberry Island
Creepy Crawlie
Creepy Parking Garages
Crime Comparison
The Cutthroat World Of Board Games


Daily Smoke Tollfree
Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi
Dangerous Jobs In SA
Dangerous Sex
Dead In The Desert
Death And Dentists
Death By Train
Death Is Not Cool
Defending Against Lawyers
Denial Of Pleasure
Designer Babies
Dirty Old Men
Disarming The Cops
Do Aliens Exist?
Dog Day Diaries
Dog Nails Cat. Cat Escapes. My Bad.
The Dog Versus Cat War
Doin' It For The Kids
Down Here On The Farm
Driven To Tears
Driver Types (And How To Spot Them)
The Drunk Switch


Email To A 419 Scammer
Email To Anna Kournikova
Email To Brother Dillon
Email To Bruce Fordyce
Email To Cliff Richard
Email To My Clone
Email To Einstein
Email To God
Email To Justin Timberlake
Email To Marilyn Manson
Email To The New Pope
Email To The New Pope - Again
Email To Noddy
Email To Nostradamus
Email To The Queen
Email To Shakespeare
Embracing Failure
Emergency Calls
The End
End Of The Nats
Evil Nursery Rhymes
Extreme PC


Faking Your Job
Fancy A Boom Gate?
The Fast Drive Home
Favourite Item Of Clothing
Fears And Phobias
Fear Of Crowds
Filtered Movies
Flea Market
Flipping Birds The Bird
Fools And Horses
Forever Young
The Forgotten Theatre
Free Porn For Staff
Freestyle Fear
Friday 13th
A Frozen Future


Gadgets And Gizmos
Games I Hated
The Games People Play
Get A Move On, Man!
Get An Agent, Dahling
Get Your World Record
Getting Drunk For Charity
Getting Old
The Ghost Train
The Giant Poodle
Gift Of The Gab
Girlfriend From Hell
Got Milk?
Gotta Hate An Ingrate
Grahamstown Gems
The Graveyard Shift
The Great Christmas Tree Of '98
The Greatest Invention Ever
The Greatest Liar
The Greatest Shame
Grooming In The Workplace
G-String By Courier
Gym For Dummies


Handyman: Not
Hangover Cures
Hate Politics
Heist Of The Century
Hello, Summer!
The Hermit On The Hill
He's A Witch!
Hidden Passageways For Sale
Hitchhiking Hell
Home Alone
Honour Among Thieves
Horror In The Haystack
The Horror Of Buying For Women
House Hunting
House Parties
How Mad Is Mad?
How Not To Start A New Business
How Tashi And I Met
How The West Won Me
How To Crash And Burn
How To Have Fun This Christmas
How To Look Busy
How To Punish Priest Paedophiles
How To Train A Puppy
The Hysterical Thief

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Spending time online does bad things to a person, but I'm OK.

Look at me now - all the way from Uitenhage to the bright lights of the big internet.

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